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The Ritz Carlton Mansion

Near the reserve, in the Creekside district, there is a luxury complex under construction The Ritz-Carlton Mansion. In his region, it will be the first to receive the prestigious Environmental and Safety WELL award. Unity with nature and concern for the excellent well-being of residents is the main motive that unites mansions. They are thematically divided into groups – Water Mansions and Earth Mansions, repeating terrestrial and aquatic motifs.

Water Mansions

This group is represented by four-level mansions overlooking the stream. The project provides an underground floor, a patio, a family level and an upper level. Inside the mansions have a stylish design in white and gray tones. A mandatory component is a private water garden on the ground floor, it is a unique creation of designers that will become the hallmark of the mansion.

A whole complex of recreation and wellness facilities will occupy the ground floor: a cinema viewing area, a massage and manicure room, a sauna and steam room, and a game room. The remaining ground floor space will be occupied by hired staff rooms and a car wash. At the family level, the addition of an art hall and a stylishly designed living room will be of great interest. The bedrooms are also designed to provide maximum privacy for the residents and their guests, ensuring a comfortable and intimate living experience.

There will be a landscaped garden and spacious terraces in the courtyard. For the convenience of residents, the mansion will be complemented by an elevator and a garage capable of accommodating eight cars.

Earth Mansions

These mansions also have a four-level layout with a basement, patio, and middle and upper levels. By incorporating design motifs inspired by the earth, the mansion’s interior is adorned with green marble, travertine stone, and brass, creating unique accents that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. On the ground floor, there will be a Japanese garden, and in the courtyard, you can admire a leisurely stream. It is pleasant to observe nature from spacious terraces or patios.

To facilitate residents in hosting guests, two rooftop terraces with bars are designed, providing the perfect setting for family celebrations or gatherings with friends while enjoying the extraordinary views. There is a personal sauna and steam room, a manicure area, a cinema room, and a fitness center that will be located on the ground floor. At this level, accommodation, and recreation facilities for employees will be located as well.

Additionally, a garage for eight cars is planned, equipped with four charging stations for electric vehicles and a modern car wash facility.

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The correct layout of the premises made it possible to connect the mansion as both a living area for the family and a territory for recreation, games, and sports. Residents will be able to use a boardless swimming pool, sauna and steam room, a fitness center with a magnificent view of the water surface, as well as a cinema hall. To accommodate a collection of alcoholic beverages, a stylized wine cellar has been created, which serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. It provides a dedicated space for storing and showcasing wines, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The design includes a system of staff rooms to accommodate personnel, as well as spacious sections for storing different types of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as pantry items.

  • Pool

  • Sports Hall

  • Children playground

  • Barbecue area

  • 24/7 security

  • Covered parking

  • Cafes and restaurants




Three highways near The Ritz-Carlton Mansion provide a convenient transport interchange. Dubai International Airport is a 15-minute drive away, as is the city’s business center. But the main detail that is worth paying attention to is the location near the Swiss Scientific School. This is the first and currently the only educational institution in Dubai that offers a Swiss educational program with various language models of instruction. It is possible to enrol high school students, as well as students for a bachelor’s degree. The residents of the complex have priority access to European education and will also have the opportunity to apply for special scholarships and enjoy reduced tuition fees.

Currently, the infrastructure near the mansions is still underdeveloped, which means that trips to the store or clinic may take at least 15 minutes. However, this situation is expected to change once the complex is fully operational. By car, you can get to the DHCC medical center, kindergarten, bank, supermarkets and gas station.

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